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70% of English speakers don’t have English as their mother tongue. That makes English a truly international language. IdeoScript writes international correct English that is easy to understand for the largest possible international audience.

Don’t lose customers because of colloquialisms that only native speakers understand.

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If writing is not your cup of tea, or if you are too busy, we can help you out.

IdeoScript writes and edits your texts so that they do what they are supposed to do. Convince, inform, entertain, document, teach… We turn your words into compelling copy.

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Rely on 15 years of copywriting experience for your projects.

IdeoScript works with you, to develop the texts that you need: brochures, websites, articles, presentations, slogans, newsletters, reports, direct mail, manuals, educational material…

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Briefings, text coordination and source material in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish – and of course Dutch and English – are no problem for us.

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  • Barge2business
  • Coke Zero
  • DesleeClama
  • SALTO Booklets


Internal Navigation Europe

Inland Navigation Europe (INE) promotes inland waterways as an economic and sustainable alternative for transport of goods. The European network of navigable waters could make transport more efficient, silent, clean and safer.

INE regularly organises conferences to bring shippers (businesses) together with barge operators and waterway promotion bureaux. IdeoScript took care of the parallel reporting during the Barge to Business conference in Amsterdam (December 2012).

That way the report took shape while the experts spoke and the debates were going on. The report was done shortly after the conference was over. I assume INE was satisfied with my services, as they asked IdeoScript to write their annual report too.

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Coca Cola Zero

Coke Zero partnered with James Bond to promote the latest Skyfall movie. They launched a Facebook game in Belgium and the Netherlands to create some buzz around the release of the new 007 film.

IdeoScript developed the webcopy for the Facebook app to explain in plain English how people could participate and win tickets the sneak preview screening.

Thousands of people participated and two lucky winners won a unique Skyfall trip to London.

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DesleeClama - Driven by Perfection

DesleeClama is world leader in mattress fabrics. They develop sleeping solutions for mattress producers across the globe. Whether it is anti-allergen, organic, probiotic, fire-retardant, thermo-regulating, odorised, tailor-made, printed, sound-absorbing, ultra-clean, oxygenising,... They have it all in a wide range of fashionable designs for markets worldwide.

IdeoScript writes DesleeClama's sales material (in English) presenting their innovative fabrics in a clear and understandable way (via TomaCom M&BD).

  • iDC Trend Book: coffee table book about trends in the mattress world
  • Sales brochures for the Interzum trade fair for furniture and interior design
  • Press releases and articles for specialised magazines
  • Promotional brochures: DesleeClamaGreen, Discovery Catalogue,...

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SALTO-YOUTH Resource Centre network

Tony Geudens works since 2000 for the SALTO Inclusion Resource Centre (part-time).

Part of his tasks was to develop educational material about the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities. He wrote and coordinated the following manuals for international youth projects (in English).

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